Amazing Provision at the Madagascar Informational Luncheon

On Sunday, March 19th Team Madagascar hosted an Informational/Fundraising Luncheon at Grace Community Church. The response was encouraging as close to 150 people came to hear about and support this ministry. Listen to the audio here (right-click the link and choose ‘Save Link As…’ or play it in in your browser here): .


2017-03-19 13.12.53

2017-03-19 12.51.55

Many people volunteered their time and talents to make this event a success.

2017-03-19 12.45.24

2017-03-19 12.44.432017-03-19 12.51.44IMG_8028

Faly Ravoahangy shared about the island nation of Madagascar and the spiritual needs there.





David Ellingson shared about the teaching/exploratory trip this August which will provide a fully immersive experience for us American families who are pursuing joining the Ravoahangys in Madagascar as missionaries in 2018. On this trip we will have the opportunity to conduct a 3-day Pastors’ Conference as well as a large Youth Outreach Event.





We asked for people to join us in supplying a book called Spiritual Maturity by Alexander Strauch and the Biblical Eldership Resources team to the Malagasy pastors  we visit. We wanted to provide 60 of these books ($5/each). We also asked the group to join us in providing Malagasy Bibles. In Madagascar, Bibles cost $20/each. Because this price is often half of a person’s monthly salary, it is common for only 10 Christians in a village of 100 to own a Bible. Through the generous donations of God’s people, over $1,150 was given at this event. This means that we will be able to provide all 60 books and about 45 Bibles. Praise God that He is supplying the needs of the saints in Madagascar through you!

Spiritual Maturity books and Malagasy Bibles

Scott Nelson shared about our team’s vision, purpose, and ministry plans as future missionaries to Madagascar: “Our vision and purpose is to identify and equip the next generation of Malagasy pastors, by providing biblical training, ultimately through an expository preaching seminary in Madagascar.”





Faly wrapped up the presentation by sharing how people can be a part of this ministry.




After a Q+A with Team Madagascar, pastor Mike Riccardi closed our time in prayer.



Thank you to everyone who spent the afternoon with us to hear about this important ministry and to partner with us in prayer and financial support. A special thank you to our volunteers for your time and talents, and to Chik-Fil-A for donating 100 servings of delicious chicken.

May God be praised in all we do!



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