Video Feature: The Island of Madagascar

Dearest gospel partners,

We created the following video to show you a snapshot of the people, the cities and villages, the landscape and rice paddies, schools, Christians in worship, and the beauty of Madagascar.
Although we cannot yet be in Madagascar, we want you to have a renewed passion for this island nation. So, as you watch this video and see the sweet faces of the Malagasy people, pray for the 27 million souls that live on this island. Pray that the gospel would powerfully be proclaimed, that churches would be strengthened, and that men of God would be trained to be faithful shepherds of His flock.
Please pray for our partners, Faly and Lily Ravoahangy, and the Madagascar 3M ministry volunteers. Pray for the Lord to accomplish all His holy will in regards to our family’s participation in this amazing ministry.
Consider sharing this 10-minute video production called The Island of Madagascar with your children, friends, or Bible study group.
Love in Christ,
The Ellingsons

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