Ministry Media

Below you will find videos and pictures of Madagascar and our ministry there. All of the photos below are from our exploratory ministry trip in August 2017. Enjoy!

Ministry Presentation

Below is a video of our ministry presentation which will explain about the country of Madagascar, the spiritual needs there, and our team’s plan to address those needs and proclaim Christ to the 25 million souls of Madagascar.

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If you want to download just the audio of our presentation above, you can do so here:

Ashley was the speaker at the annual Ladies’ Christmas Tea at Christ’s Church of Tucson (December 8, 2018). She’s was overjoyed to testify of God’s enduring faithfulness. Download the audio here.

More Videos

The following videos will give you a taste of Madagascar from our 3-week ministry trip there in August 2017.
NOTE: Theses videos are styled after movie trailers.